• Què pensem?

    In Xantala we believe that the rights of children and families must be acknowledged and protected. We know that in caring for our children we are caring for the future of our society.

    • We believe in the rights of mothers and families to be informed of, and to be able to freely choose, options for birth, breastfeeding, child-rearing and schooling in a responsible way, without limitations placed by the health or education systems.
    • We believe that each child is unique and that his or her individual stage of development must be taken into account when separating from the mother for the first time to spend time with other adults/educators. This is why families must be aided when making decisions by offering diverse, flexible options and tools for supporting their children. Our beliefs are based on the numerous pedagogical, pediatric and psychiatric scientific studies which demonstrate children’s needs to be with their parents in order to initiate and promote healthy growth on an emotional, physical, psychic, cognitive and motor level.
    • We believe in respecting children’s individual tempos and rhythms, in their first separation from their mothers as well as in their participation in daily life. These rhythms are often dictated to the child by the frenetic tempo of the work and social demands of the adults who surround them.
    • All children have the right to have their individual learning needs recognized in surroundings prepared for their spontaneous development. What predominates in the usual educational spaces are surroundings that, for various reasons–the educator-child ratio, the amount of time spent by the child in the classroom, space limitations, limited educational tools–tend to homogenize and limit a child’s free and spontaneous learning.