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    Here are some of the questions frequently asked by families interested in joining Xantala’s school:

    What are Xantala’s entry requirements?

    Children must be at least two years of age to attend Xantala.  Families should feel in harmony with the principles of respectful child-rearing and “educacion libre”.  Parents must be prepared to accompany their children in person during the adaption process.

    What is the adaptation process like, and how long does it last?

    The adaptation process is different for every child, and we address this on an individual basis with each family. A two year old may be very well-integrated in his or her social environment, but separation from the parents can be a slow and irregular process. We advise families not to rush, and to allow plenty of time so they can be present and support their child when he or she needs it.

    How are families involved in the operation of Xantala? Do I need to have a lot of free time in order to participate?

    Xantala is an association, and would not be able to function without the involvement of the participating families.  No specific amount of time is required, and we try to share tasks according to the availability, interests and skills of each family.

    If you would like more information about hours, costs, meals, etc. send us an email at info@xantala.es.

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    1. Ana La Riva
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      Hola ,queria saber la edad desde que los niños pueden ir a xantala los costes y los horarios ,gracias un saludo

      • xantala
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        Ana, los niños empiezan en Xantala con dos años cumplidos. Por el tema de costes, contacta con nosotros por mail, por favor. (info@xantala.es)

    2. kiku
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      Quina franja d’edat abarqueu? Només l’etapa infantil? Estic molt interessat en com funcioneu amb nens i nenes de Primàra, de 6 a 12 anys. Com són els grups, les dinàmiques d’aprenentatge, quin tipus de programació feu servir…. en definitiva, com eduqueu i formeu als infants de l’escola?

      • xantala
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        Xantala acull als nens de 2 a 6 anys :)

    3. Alix brown
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      Please could you send me more information about xantala. My son will be two tomorrow and I am looking for a nursery for next year. Please can you tell me which languages you use wutih the children.
      Many thanks

      • xantala
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        Can you please send us an email to info@xantala.es and we will send you the information you need.
        Kind regrads!

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